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By on February 11, 2011

Last year Facebook was unavailable, rumors where that this was because Facebook did some changes deep in the code of Facebook to allow switching of accounts. A leak of the layout that first showed in December 2010 showed that something’s would change dramatically on out Facebook fan page: tabs where moved from the top to the sidebar, as shown in the screenshot below (courtesy mahabale.com).

Leaked Facebook page

Today, 11th of February Facebook announced a major update to the Facebook pages to help page administrators communications, express their brands, and increase engagement. Which means that we can switch to the previous mentioned page and show it to our visitors.

One of the updates that where rolled out is the support for iFrames in Facebook pages, read the announcement here: http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/462. But there are more changes as you will discover when you read on.

Visiting your page for the 1st time after the Facebook update

When you visit your page after the Facebook you are presented with the option to update your page. You can choose to decline this but in March Facebook will force every page to the new layout.

Once you pressed the “Upgrade This Page” button you are taken to the next step within the upgrade process.

Facebook page conversion

Confirming the change by pressing the “Upgrade My Page” button will start the process to convert the old page layout to the new page layout. This means that the new layout will become visible for all your visitors.

Once the process is completed Facebook shows you what changed compared to the old page.

Facebook page conversion

When you went through the “what is new and cool” presentation you get control of your page again and you can admire the new look and feel of your page.

Facebook page conversion 4

So now the main question: what do you think of the new pages?


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